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  • Europa Editions and Jean-Claude Izzo featured on NPR's The World

    The first installment of the acclaimed Marseilles trilogy, Total Chaos is a dark novel that explores the intersections of law and order, love and death, immigrant experience and the challenges to tradition...
  • Monday, January 23 at 6pm

    The Italian Cultural Institute in New York hosts a presentation of The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante (translated by Ann Goldstein) with film director Roberto Faenza, translator Ann Goldstein...
  • LA Weekly sings the praises of Europa Editions

    Tough Guys, Effete Snobs and Mad Women Introducing Europa Editions In the late 1960s, American publisher Kent Carroll was visiting French West Africa when he noticed something strange going on. A...
  • Publishers Weekly Talk of the Trade is... Europa Editions

    Europa Editions, helmed by Carroll and Graf co-founder Kent Carroll, has its first indie bestseller, Elena Ferrante's Days of Abandonment, thanks to good reviews in the New York Times and the New Yorker. A...
  • Found In Translation

    For a lot of readers (myself, all too often, included), the phrase “novel in translation” sounds an awful lot like “homework,” or “eating Grape Nuts,” or “itemizing...
  • Alice Sebold on Europa Editions Launch

    To All Interested Readers Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones and The Almost Moon on Europa Editions. I traveled to Italy in the spring of 2003 for the first time to support the Italian translation...
  • A Sneak Preview of Europa Editions' Fall 2007 Season

    Europa Editions' fall 2007 season features new fiction from some of our most popular authors, including Elena Ferrante, Jean-Claude Izzo, and Jane Gardam, U.S. debut for Italian author Carmine Abate...
  • Med Noir at the Morgan Library

    On the 27th of April 2007, four exponents of Mediterranean Noir met at the Morgan Library in New York for a public reading and discussion held as part of Europa Editions’ weeklong series of events...

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