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Change brings uncertainty, and with uncertainty comes the need for fresh voices that can open up new perspectives, remind us of the wisdom of the ages, help us clarify and focus our thoughts, or simply distract us from the news cycle for a moment with profound and entertaining books on matters of lasting importance.

Europa Compass is a new non-fiction imprint from Europa Editions featuring sophisticated yet accessible titles on travel and contemporary culture, on popular science, history, philosophy, and politics. Books that are informative, entertaining, and diverse. Books by authors who enjoy large readerships and outstanding reputations both in their native countries and in translation but have never been available in English. By translating and publishing these authors, we hope to introduce readers to new points of view, ideas, and narrative styles. Europa Compass also publishes standout works by English-language authors from the U.K., America, Australia, and elsewhere in the Anglophone world.

The Europa Compass list is international, diverse, and inclusive.

Reading, like life, is a journey. This is your Compass.


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  • Cover: Living with our Dead - Delphine Horvilleur

    Delphine Horvilleur

    Living with our Dead

    2023, pp. 144, $ 22.00
    WINNER OF THE 2021 BABELIO PRIZE FOR NON-FICTION A timely, powerful reflection on our relationship to death and an invitation to accept...
  • Cover: Free to Obey - Johann Chapoutot

    Johann Chapoutot

    Free to Obey

    2023, pp. 144, $ 17.00
    What if the rules of modern management were written during the Third Reich? 
  • Cover: Cain’s Act - Massimo Recalcati, Will Schutt

    Massimo Recalcati, Will Schutt

    Cain’s Act

    2022, pp. 112, $ 17.00
    From one of Italy’s most renowned philosophers and psychoanalysts, an urgent and stirring reflection on violence, morality, and our relationship...
  • Cover: Living and Dying with Marcel Proust - Christopher Prendergast

    Christopher Prendergast

    Living and Dying with Marcel Proust

    2022, pp. 256, $ 17.00
    Living and Dying with Marcel Proust is the result of a lifetime’s reading of, reflection on, and love for Proust’s masterpiece, In Search...
  • Cover: Starting from Scratch - Andrea Marcolongo

    Andrea Marcolongo

    Starting from Scratch

    2022, pp. 224, $ 17.95
    From the international best-selling author of The Ingenious Language, a meditation on resistance and renewal that is at once a fascinating portrait...
  • Cover: An Atlas of Extinct Countries - Gideon Defoe

    Gideon Defoe

    An Atlas of Extinct Countries

    2022, pp. 256, $ 17.95
    Prisoners of Geography meets Bill Bryson: a funny, fascinating, beautifully illustrated – and timely – history of countries that, for...

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