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Europa editions (335 Listed volumes)

  • Cover: Boot Tracks - Matthew F. Jones

    Matthew F. Jones

    Boot Tracks

    2006, pp. 206, $ 14.95
    Region: United States
    Boot Tracks is a commanding tale of a man and a woman struggling against a destiny they cannot control, told in Matthew F. Jones' characteristically taut, economic style. An assassination gone terribly wrong; a couple searching for one last chance to find a safe place in a hostile world. With...
  • Cover: I Loved You for Your Voice - Sélim Nassib

    Sélim Nassib

    I Loved You for Your Voice

    2006, pp. 256, $ 14.95
    Region: Lebanon
    Love, desire, and song set against the colorful backdrop of modern Egypt.
  • Cover: Hangover Square - Patrick Hamilton

    Patrick Hamilton

    Hangover Square

    2006, pp. 280, $ 14.95
    Region: Britain
    Black humor, compassion and despair in a world sliding toward the darkness of war.
  • Cover: The Big Question - Wolf Erlbruch

    Wolf Erlbruch

    The Big Question

    2005, pp. 52, $ 14.95
    Region: Germany
    Winner of the 2004 Bologna Book Fair Ragazzi Award.
  • Cover: The Days of Abandonment - Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante

    The Days of Abandonment

    2005, pp. 192, $ 15.00
    Region: Italy
    The shocking story of a woman's descent into desperate loneliness.

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