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Lena Divani

Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat

Cover: Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat - Lena Divani

Lena Divani

Seven Lives and One Great Love: Memoirs of a Cat

2014, pp. 160, Paperback
ISBN: 9781609451974
Translated by: Konstantine Matsoukas
Region: Greece
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$ 15.00

The book

If you have ever lived with cats, you know how cunning, tender, ferocious, underhanded, ingenious, foolish, and completely adorable they can be. The same words can be used to describe the hero of this novel, Sugar Jacques. This is the story—a love story of epic dimensions—of Sugar Jacques, a cat with a keen wit and a reflective nature, and his human, Miss Sweetie, a writer with a frenetic and impossibly dispersive life. In this his seventh life, Sugar has countless stories to tell and a remarkable talent for telling them. But his real area of expertise lies in his preternatural ability to domesticate his humans—whatever you do, don’t even suggest that we are the ones who domesticate him and his feline relatives! With wit and a broad repertoire of cultural references, Sugar recounts his days and nights spent with Miss Sweetie in a novel that fits squarely into the illustrious tradition of feline literature a la T.S. Eliot, Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire, Bukowski, and Céline.

The author

Lena Divani
Lena Divani was born in Volos, Greece. She is the author of novels, short stories, and plays. This is her first novel to appear in English.


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