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Region: United States (29 Listed volumes)

  • Jesse Browner

    Everything Happens Today

    2011, pp. 224, $ 15.00
    Region: United States
    Everything Happens Today is funny, moving, generous and exhilarating. It will enchant young adults who see themselves in the story as well as adult readers who will be captured by the deeply sympathetic characters and the acute feel for the way we live now. Most readers will want it never to be over.
  • Alexander Maksik

    You Deserve Nothing

    2011, pp. 336, $ 15.00
    Region: United States
    Book collection: Tonga
    Set in Paris, at an international high school catering to the sons and daughters of wealthy, influential families, You Deserve Nothing is a gripping story of power, idealism, and morality.
  • Jonathan Yardley

    Second Reading. Notable and Neglected Books Revisited

    2011, pp. 256, $ 16.00
    Region: United States
    Collected from a popular Washington Post column of the same name, Second Readings is an incisive and entertaining look at the career and times of an esteemed critic and the venerable books that shaped him.
  • Joel Stone

    The Jerusalem File

    2009, pp. 176, $ 15.00
    Region: United States
    Jerusalem is setting for a gripping story of moral equivocations and geo-political strife.
  • Steve Erickson


    2007, pp. 352, $ 14.95
    Region: United States
    “Erickson is as unique and vital and pure a voice as American fiction has produced.”—Jonathan Lethem
  • Michele Zackheim

    Broken Colors

    2007, pp. 288, $ 14.95
    Region: United States
    An accomplished woman’s journey toward the making of great art and the nature of love.
  • Edwin M. Yoder, Jr.

    Lions at Lamb House

    2007, pp. 240, $ 14.95
    Region: United States
    A charming novel of intellectual heresy from a Pulitzer Prize winner.
  • Alfred Hayes

    The Girl on the Via Flaminia

    2007, pp. 160, $ 14.95
    Region: United States
    "An enthralling narrative, and art of a high order."--Kirkus Reviews (starred)
  • Matthew F. Jones

    Boot Tracks

    2006, pp. 206, $ 14.95
    Region: United States
    Boot Tracks is a commanding tale of a man and a woman struggling against a destiny they cannot control, told in Matthew F. Jones' characteristically taut, economic style. An assassination gone terribly wrong; a couple searching for one last chance to find a safe place in a hostile world. With...

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