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Liam McIlvanney

The Quaker

Cover: The Quaker - Liam McIlvanney

Liam McIlvanney

The Quaker

2019, pp. 384, e-Book
ISBN: 9781609455422
Region: Scotland
Book collection: World Noir
Paper edition Paper edition Paper edition
$ 10.99

The book

It is 1969 and Glasgow is in the grip of the worst winter in decades. But it’s not the weather that has Glaswegians on edge: a serial killer is on the loose. He’s been dubbed The Quaker. He leaves no clues, he moves in the shadows, and the investigation into his crimes has led police down one blind alley after another.

D.I. McCormack has few friends in his adopted city and a lot to prove. A talented young detective from the Highlands, an outsider with troubling secrets of his own, Duncan McCormick is brought into the Quaker investigation to identify where, exactly, it’s gone wrong. His arrival is met with anger and distrust by cops who are desperate to nail a suspect, and who are eager to pin the crime on a petty thief who was seen leaving the building where the killer’s last victim was found. McCormack isn’t convinced. From ruined and ruinous backstreets, to deserted public parks, and into the dark heart of Glasgow, McCormack follows a trail of secrets that will change the city—and his life—forever.

“Intricately plotted, resourceful in its characterization, and gorgeously written.”—Toronto Star

“Atmospheric, scary, and utterly brilliant book. Superb.”—Adrian McKinty, award-winning author of Rain Dogs

“Atmospheric and arresting, The Quaker reveals 1960s Glasgow in all its lurid shades.”—Val McDermid, bestselling author of the Dr. Tony Hill series

The author

Liam McIlvanney
Liam McIlvanney is the winner of the Saltire First Book Award and the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel. He is a regular contributor to publications including the London Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, and the Guardian. He is Stuart Professor of Scottish Studies at the University of Otago, New Zealand, where he lives with his wife and four sons.


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