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Lena Divani

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Lena Divani

Lena Divani was born in Volos, Greece. She is the author of novels, short stories, and plays. This is her first novel to appear in English.

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Latest reviews

  • With six lives behind him, Sugar Zach reveals all in his memoirs of a cat. From his one true feline love, The Damsel, to his talents in domesticating humans (not the other way round!), Sugar gives us an insight into the mysterious mind of a cat with attitude!
    — Jul 17 2014
  • These are the memoirs of Sugar Zach, a cat who is now in his seventh (and last) life. Yes, in our part of the world in the Balkans, cats only have seven instead of nine lives, which I’m sure posed some challenges for the translator and editor. Admittedly, I may not be the...
    — Jun 25 2014
  • Forget, for a moment, the ubiquitous internet cats. Put aside the grumpy one, the cross-eyed one, the dwarf one with extra toes, the one who slides through empty boxes. Let’s get the hard part out of the way: This is a novel from a cat’s perspective, offered up at a time...
    — Jun 23 2014
  • The narrator of this charming tale is a cat who is now in his seventh life. He's a keen observer of his surroundings and of the comings and goings his humans. In his seventh life, which he enters as a kitten, his owner is, the Damsel, a writer. Once called Sugar and now called...
    — Jun 2 2014


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