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Alan Parks

Alan Parks

Alan Parks was born in Scotland and attended The University of Glasgow where he was awarded a M.A. in Moral Philosophy. Bloody January is his debut novel.

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Latest reviews

  • "Parks is uncompromisingly realistic in his vision of the city, its gangs, its poor, and its corruption . . . ”
    — Seeing the World Through Books, Mar 17 2018
  • “For noir connoisseurs, this will hit the spot...”
    — Booklist, Feb 27 2018
  • “[A] dark and violent debut novel that resurrects the tartan noir phenomenon.”
    — Library Journal, Feb 1 2018
  • "A worthy addition to the tartan noir canon, McCoy is a flawed hero to watch, as is his creator."
    — Publishers Weekly, Jan 29 2018
  • "Parks’ debut novel has an in-your-face immediacy that matches its protagonist."
    — Kirkus Reviews, Dec 24 2017


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