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Alan Parks

Alan Parks

Alan Parks was born in Scotland and attended The University of Glasgow where he was awarded a M.A. in Moral Philosophy. Bloody January is his debut novel.

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Latest reviews

  • “This creepy, absorbing, well-paced tale covers numerous wide-ranging subjects including mental illness, lobotomy, suicide and sexual deviance.”
    — The Lansing State Journal, Mar 8 2019
  • “‘February’s Son’ startles readers with surprises as its story strands pull together.”
    — Wall Street Journal, Feb 15 2019
  • ”. . . a town and setting that should get the noir fan sitting up straight in anticipation of some of the most brutal and beautiful prose around.”
    — CrimeReads, Jan 8 2019
  • "Bloody January has all the gritty bells and whistles expected of noir, but at the same time its main character, Detective Harry McCoy of the Glasgow Police Force, grapples with the contradictions of morality on a multitude of levels."
    — Los Angeles Review of Books, May 30 2018
  • "Parks’ debut is filled with the sights and sounds of Edinburgh in the 70s. [ . . . ] This book would make an excellent companion to The French Connection, mainly because while reading it, I had an image of a Scottish Gene Hackman in my head the whole time."
    — CrimeReads, May 7 2018
  • “Alan Parks’s grisly debut novel, “Bloody January”, is also set in Glasgow—in the first month of 1973. Though snow is blanketing the streets, it can’t hide the corruption in a city where cops and criminals are often forced to keep each other’s secrets.”
    — Wall Street Journal, May 4 2018
  • “A few different things inspired [BLOODY JANUARY]. The physical landscape of my childhood. . . I wanted to write about those places around the time I was there, the early seventies.”
    — Words Without Borders, May 2 2018
  • “Told over the course of 20 days, Bloody January never flags in pace. Bundled with a myriad of personal flaws, Harry McCoy is an immediately compelling new character.”
    — Mystery Scene, Apr 23 2018
  • “Bloody January is Bloody Fantastic…dark, violent, extremely well-written and real. Alan Parks is a talent to watch!”
    — Mystery Tribune, Apr 17 2018
  • “In this classic noir-flavored debut set in 1973 Glasgow, Detective Harry McCoy grapples with both a horrific crime and changing times.”
    — Shelf Awareness, Apr 13 2018
  • “There's something about Glasgow in the sleet and snow that fits perfectly with a the noir genre.”
    — Reviewing the Evidence, Apr 2 2018
  • "Parks is uncompromisingly realistic in his vision of the city, its gangs, its poor, and its corruption . . . ”
    — Seeing the World Through Books, Mar 17 2018
  • “For noir connoisseurs, this will hit the spot...”
    — Booklist, Feb 27 2018
  • “[A] dark and violent debut novel that resurrects the tartan noir phenomenon.”
    — Library Journal, Feb 1 2018
  • "A worthy addition to the tartan noir canon, McCoy is a flawed hero to watch, as is his creator."
    — Publishers Weekly, Jan 29 2018
  • "Parks’ debut novel has an in-your-face immediacy that matches its protagonist."
    — Kirkus Reviews, Dec 24 2017


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