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Chantel Acevedo

Chantel Acevedo

Chantel Acevedo was born in Miami to Cuban parents. She is the author of A Falling Star, Love and Ghost Letters, winner of the Latino International Book Award, Song of the Red Cloak, and The Distant Marvels, a finalist for the 2016 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction. Acevedo is an Associate Professor of English in the MFA Program at the University of Miami.

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Chantel Acevedo is in New York this week reading from and talking about THE DISTANT MARVELS and the PEN WORLD VOICES festival. Come the author of the book that Booklist said "should bring Acevedo's...

Latest reviews

  • “Through gem-like clarity and sparkle, Acevedo gives readers a glimpse into the past...”
    — Midwest Book Review, Nov 27 2017
  • “Avecedo threads into life the compelling story of Eulalia of Spain, a defiant princess who became a powerful manifestation of what it means to live beyond one’s caste, to disregard the chains placed down by tradition, and create a new woman no longer bound by duty.”
    — The Miami Rail, Nov 6 2017
  • “Acevedo’s page-turning historical novel is based on the life of Princess María Eulalia Francisca de Asís y Margarita de Bourbon, a spirited woman with a sense of adventure that defied the gender norms of the Spanish court in the late 19th century.”
    — NBC News, Oct 6 2017
  • “This enchantingly scented breeze of a novel, beginning with the birth of a princess in 19th-century Spain, held me rapt from its opening page.”
    — The Seattle Times, Sep 28 2017
  • "Chantel Acevedo's novel The Living Infinite is a masterfully told work of historical fiction."
    — Largehearted Boy, Sep 27 2017
  • The starred Booklist review of THE DISTANT MARVELS is included in a list of books that "underscore the devastation of hurricanes on people and landscape alike."
    — Booklist Reader, Sep 11 2017
  • "Based on the true story of a 19th-century Spanish princess, this gripping historical novel recounts the travels (to Cuba and America) of the rebellious royal who documented her journey in her controversial feminist memoirs."
    — PureWow, Sep 4 2017
  • "Who can resist a good historical fiction? This irresistible read is based upon the true story of the Spanish princess Eulalia of the Bourbon Court."
    — Bustle, Sep 1 2017
  • “Based on the true story of the Spanish princess Eulalia, Chantel Acevedo’s new novel vividly reimagines the life of the fiery and outspoken woman who, as a child, was part of the Bourbon court at the end of her family’s reign.”
    — Summer Says, Aug 21 2017
  • “The defiant, adventurous spirit of Eulalia gleams throughout this historical novel, based on a real woman who lived in the late 19th century.”
    — Elle Magazine, Aug 21 2017
  • “Miami novelist Acevedo...revisits Spain’s Bourbon Court in this historical novel about the rebellious Spanish Princess Eulalia, who traveled to revolutionary Cuba and the Chicago World’s Fair.”
    — The Miami Herald, Aug 10 2017
  • THE DISTANT MARVELS is highlighted as a novel "that features the people of Cuba and the island itself as a major character in its own drama." Read the full list, including THE DISTANT MARVELS, in Wayfaring Views.
    — Wayfaring Views, Aug 6 2017
  • “...this little-known but fascinating piece of history should appeal widely.”
    — Library Journal, Aug 3 2017
  • “A vivid and enthralling tale of love and redemption.”
    — Booklist, Aug 1 2017
  • “Acevedo’s third novel is a retelling of the life of the Spanish princess Eulalia, born four years before the revolution that removed her mother, Queen Isabella II, from the Spanish throne.”
    — The Millions, Jul 11 2017
  • “Fresh, fast-moving historical fiction from a master storyteller.”
    — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), Jul 4 2017
  • “I loved this story! Truly, Chantel Acevedo is a storyteller extraordinaire!! A must read!”
    — Stephanie Crowe, Page & Palette, Jul 3 2017
  • "THE DISTANT MARVELS is a moving revelation of a long and often turbulent life, one in which significant episodes both personal and of wider events form the narrative across decades."
    — Insights Magazine, Apr 3 2016
  • "Acevedo’s gorgeously written novel is a heartwarming allegory of survival."
    — NBC Latino, Dec 31 2015
  • The winner will be announced at the ALA Midwinter conference on January 10, 2016. For a full list of nominees click here.
    — Sep 23 2015

United States

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