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Mari’s Bookshelf, November 2017

Author: Mari Carlson
Newspaper, blog or website: Midwest Book Review
Date: Nov 27 2017

“Through gem-like clarity and sparkle, Acevedo gives readers a glimpse into the past, as well as an opportunity to persuade the future. [...] At ease describing both the upper echelons and farming communities like Amalia's, Acevedo places readers between worlds, in a place like Eulalia's, on the cusp of a new era, requiring effort and valor to cross. What will it take for us to take the step into the frontier? Whom do we admire and follow? [...] Acevedo does not purport to being a historian. Her project is bigger than that; in the imaginative world she creates, history can re-write itself, can take root differently in us. Her perspective is entertaining and insightful - a dynamic duo.”

Read the full review in the Midwest Book Review.

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