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“What an extraordinary tale!!”

Newspaper, blog or website: Stephanie Crowe, Page & Palette
Date: Jul 3 2017

What an extraordinary tale!! Princess Eulalia of the Spanish Bourbon Court, was a most remarkable woman for her time. Although she fulfilled her responsibilities as a regent in the Spanish court, she chaffed under the protocols and duties imposed on her. She really wanted to live a common life and sought freedom as a woman. She wanted to be in charge of her destiny. She wrote an provocative autobiography expressing her unhappiness with the politics of Spain and desire for more freedom. This is wonderful historical fiction, and Acevedo brings this story to life through the lives of Eulalia, her wet-nurse, Amalia, and her milk brother, Tomas. We are given an insightful look at what it must be like to be part of a royal court and the difficulties that entails. I loved this story! Truly, Chantel Acevedo is a storyteller extraordinaire!! A must read!

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