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The New Yorker: "Masterly."

Date: Apr 8 2013

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This tightly plotted crime novel is set in modern-day Dublin, a city struggling to right itself after the collapse of the “Celtic Tiger” bubble—a time when “all you needed to qualify for a big loan was a pulse.” When a corrupt banker is found dead and a former convict plans a high-stakes robbery, Detective Sergeant Bob Tidey has no alternative but to take the law into his own hands. No one is completely innocent here (not even an elderly nun), and the pervasive air of moral ambivalence gives the characters depth. Kerrigan engineers plot twists almost as rapidly as he piles on  the bodies, and the perspective shifts effortlessly between that of the ex-con and that of the policeman. Though not quite every loose thread is tied up, the story’s pacing is masterly.

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