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Pulp Den: "This novel is a page-turner; well thought out and carried to a thrilling climax."

Date: Jan 19 2013

“A Complicated plot that will leave the reader gasping for breath.”

When banker, Emmet Sweetman is murdered, Detective Sergeant Bob Tidey is assigned the case; complicating the murder is a secondary mystery involving small hoods planning an armored car robbery. When the murder bullet is traced, it leads to an older murder case, and now a task force is formed. Detective Tidey and his partner, Rose Cheney are uncovering crooked lawyers and high level influential people involved in a big property scam, but then the case is closed from higher up, which leaves some witnesses vulnerable and Tidey is placed on suspension when he continues the investigation on his own.

Set in Ireland, this novel is a page-turner; well thought out and carried to a thrilling climax. The reader not only follows the police as they search for the killers, but they see the inside workings of the criminal minds. The language is mature, and some of the scenes graphic, but the novel will hold the reader’s interest from beginning to end.

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