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  • Cover: Amazing Disgrace - James Hamilton-Paterson

    James Hamilton-Paterson

    Amazing Disgrace

    2006, pp. 320, $ 14.95
    Region: Britain
    "It's loads of fun, light and dazzling as a peacock feather. Buy it."--New York
  • Cover: Death's Dark Abyss - Massimo Carlotto

    Massimo Carlotto

    Death's Dark Abyss

    2006, pp. 192, $ 14.95
    Region: Italy
    Book collection: World Noir
    Massimo Carlotto’s new novel tells the story of two men and the savage crime that binds them.
  • Cover: The Girl on the Via Flaminia - Alfred Hayes

    Alfred Hayes

    The Girl on the Via Flaminia

    2007, pp. 160, $ 14.95
    Region: United States
    "An enthralling narrative, and art of a high order."--Kirkus Reviews (starred)
  • Cover: Troubling Love - Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante

    Troubling Love

    2006, pp. 144, $ 15.00
    Region: Italy
    Following her mother’s untimely and mysterious death, Delia embarks on a voyage of discovery through the streets of her native Naples searching for the truth about her family.
  • Cover: Old Filth - Jane Gardam

    Jane Gardam

    Old Filth

    2006, pp. 304, $ 17.00
    Region: Britain
    Much of the 20th Century's dappled history embodied in this singular life story.
  • Cover: Dog Day - Alicia Giménez-Bartlett

    Alicia Giménez-Bartlett

    Dog Day

    2006, pp. 284, $ 14.95
    Region: Spain
    Book collection: World Noir
    The murder of a tramp whose only friend is a mongrel dog named "Freaky" leads detective Delicado to the dangerous world of fight dogs.
  • Cover: Departure Lounge - Chad Taylor

    Chad Taylor

    Departure Lounge

    2006, pp. 172, $ 14.95
    Region: New Zealand
    Urban noir novel about a missing girl and lost teenage innocence.
  • Cover: I Loved You for Your Voice - Sélim Nassib

    Sélim Nassib

    I Loved You for Your Voice

    2006, pp. 256, $ 14.95
    Region: Lebanon
    Love, desire, and song set against the colorful backdrop of modern Egypt.
  • Cover: Hangover Square - Patrick Hamilton

    Patrick Hamilton

    Hangover Square

    2006, pp. 280, $ 14.95
    Region: Britain
    Black humor, compassion and despair in a world sliding toward the darkness of war.
  • Cover: The Goodbye Kiss - Massimo Carlotto

    Massimo Carlotto

    The Goodbye Kiss

    2006, pp. 192, $ 14.95
    Region: Italy
    Book collection: World Noir
    After years on the run, he's back and willing to do anything to claw his way into respectable society.

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