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Region: Britain (64 Listed volumes)

  • Cover: Marry Me - Dan Rhodes

    Dan Rhodes

    Marry Me

    2014, pp. 160, $ 12.00
    Region: Britain
    Stories that read as though P.G. Wodehouse and Graham Greene collaborated to form a greeting-card company
  • Cover: A Long Way from Verona - Jane Gardam

    Jane Gardam

    A Long Way from Verona

    2013, pp. 208, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    A coming-of-age novel from the author of God on the Rocks and Crusoe's Daughter, A Long Way from Verona is a "fiercely funny and personal novel."
  • Cover: The Last Banquet - Jonathan Grimwood

    Jonathan Grimwood

    The Last Banquet

    2013, pp. 320, $ 26.95
    Region: Britain
    As gripping as Patrick Suskind’s Perfume, as gloriously ambitious as Daniel Kehlman’s Measuring the World, and as prize-worthy as Andrew Miller’s Pure, The Last Banquet is a hugely appealing novel about food and flavor, about the Age of Reason, the ages of man, and about obsession.
  • Cover: Kehua! - Fay Weldon

    Fay Weldon


    2013, pp. 256, $ 17.00
    Region: Britain
    Kehua! is a warmly exuberant story of Maori spirits (imported from New Zealand, the author’s place of birth), female fugitives, and the writing of a novel (maybe this very novel)
  • Cover: A Dark Redemption - Stav Sherez

    Stav Sherez

    A Dark Redemption

    2013, pp. 448, $ 17.00
    Region: Britain
    Book collection: World Noir
    This combination of a bruising crime investigation competing against the hidden forces of powerful political and social interests makes for superior entertainment
  • Cover: Last Friends - Jane Gardam

    Jane Gardam

    Last Friends

    2013, pp. 304, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    "Jane Gardam is a wonderful writer. Her understanding of character and use of language are both remarkable." — The Times
  • Cover: Lazarus Is Dead - Richard Beard

    Richard Beard

    Lazarus Is Dead

    2012, pp. 272, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    “Funny, smart, scary...and above all, completely convincing. Maybe not the way it was, but the way it must have been.”—Ben Loory, author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day
  • Cover: Pure - Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller


    2012, pp. 334, $ 17.00
    Region: Britain
    Winner of the 2011 Costa Book of the Year Award
  • Cover: Crusoe's Daughter - Jane Gardam

    Jane Gardam

    Crusoe's Daughter

    2012, pp. 224, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    Crusoe’s Daughter is Jane Gardam’s favorite among her novels, in part because it draws upon her own background. Like Polly Flint, Gardam’s mother was the daughter of a sea captain and grew up with a voracious love of language but no formal education.
  • Cover: The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress - Beryl Bainbridge

    Beryl Bainbridge

    The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

    2011, pp. 208, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    Subversive, sinister and marvelously vivid, Beryl Bainbridge’s great last novel evokes a nation on the brink of self-destruction with artful brilliance.

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