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Region: Britain (54 Listed volumes)

  • James Scudamore


    2010, pp. 304, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    “A kinetic novel, spiced with stunning imagery.”—Financial Times
  • Jane Gardam

    God on the Rocks

    2010, pp. 224, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    “Marvelous... a wonder.”— Vogue (UK)
  • Fay Weldon

    Chalcot Crescent

    2010, pp. 240, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    “This is Weldon back to her best - an apocalypse-very-soon-from-now delivered with her trademark warm-hearted cynicism and bone-dry wit.”—The Daily Mail
  • Rebecca Connell

    The Art of Losing

    2010, pp. 240, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    “This confident debut is both a thriller and an emotional portrait of the long-term repercussions of infidelity.”—Financial Times
  • Jenn Ashworth

    A Kind of Intimacy

    2010, pp. 416, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    “One day you’re in clover; the next Annie has moved in next door and all hell’s broken out.”—The Guardian
  • Jane Gardam

    The Man in the Wooden Hat

    2009, pp. 240, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    Old Filth was Eddie's story. Here is the history of his marriage told from the persepctive of his wife, Betty,
  • James Hamilton-Paterson

    Seven-Tenths: The Sea and Its Thresholds

    2009, pp. 418, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    Hamilton-Paterson's classic exploration of the sea; a beautifully written blend of literature and science.
  • James Hamilton-Paterson

    Rancid Pansies

    2008, pp. 288, $ 15.95
    Region: Britain
    Book 3 in the hilarious Gerald Samper series.
  • Jane Gardam

    The People on Privilege Hill

    2008, pp. 256, $ 14.95
    Region: Britain
    A delightful grouping of stories, witty and wise, that includes the return of “Old Filth” himself.
  • Jane Gardam

    The Queen of the Tambourine

    2007, pp. 256, $ 14.95
    Region: Britain
    “Excellently done... manic delusions have never been so persuasive... very moving when it is not being exceedingly funny.”—Anita Brookner

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