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Region: Britain (75 Listed volumes)

  • Cover: You Will Never Find Me - Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson

    You Will Never Find Me

    2015, pp. 304, $ 18.00
    Region: Britain
    Book collection: World Noir
    Amy Boxer has vanished from London, taunting her parents with the last line of her note: “you will never find me.” Because they don’t want to get the news that every parent dreads, Charles Boxer and Mercy Danquah accept her challenge. Boxer pursues a lead that takes him to one of the most violent...
  • Cover: Fire Flowers - Ben Byrne

    Ben Byrne

    Fire Flowers

    2015, pp. 368, $ 17.00
    Region: Britain
    August, 1945. Japan has been defeated in the Second World War. The country lies in ruin. Satsuko Takara and her teenage brother Hiroshi have lost their parents, and each other, during the firestorm that devastated Tokyo. Hal Lynch, a haunted U.S. reconnaissance photographer, is now a photojournalist...
  • Cover: The Hollow Land - Jane Gardam

    Jane Gardam

    The Hollow Land

    2015, pp. 160, $ 15.00
    Region: Britain
    These stories capture the beauty of the barren Cumbrian countryside, and among its few inhabitants, the lives of two young boys, Bell Teesdale and Harry Bateman. Bell, from a farming family, has been raised in the dialect, hard work, and myth of the fells. His new friend Harry is a tourist whose family...
  • Cover: The Old Filth Trilogy Boxed Set - Jane Gardam

    Jane Gardam

    The Old Filth Trilogy Boxed Set

    2014, pp. 512, $ 47.00
    Region: Britain
    Told with Jane Gardam’s customary wit, the Old Filth trilogy is a deeply humane and often comic portrait of aging and a reminder that the experiences we choose to take with us in our twilight years are as unforgettable—and unpredictable—as life itself.
  • Cover: The Last Banquet - Jonathan Grimwood

    Jonathan Grimwood

    The Last Banquet

    2014, pp. 336, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    Set against the backdrop of the Enlightenment, the delectable decadence of Versailles, and the French Revolution, The Last Banquet is the epic tale of one man’s quest to know the world through its many and marvelous flavors
  • Cover: Eleven Days - Stav Sherez

    Stav Sherez

    Eleven Days

    2014, pp. 352, $ 18.00
    Region: Britain
    Book collection: World Noir
    Eleven Days, the follow-up to 2013’s acclaimed A Dark Redemption ( New York Times, New Yorker, NPR), follows DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller as they investigate a vicious fire that engulfs a quiet convent in West London
  • Cover: The Unknown Bridesmaid - Margaret Forster

    Margaret Forster

    The Unknown Bridesmaid

    2014, pp. 256, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    A powerful case study on the consequences of self-deception and the unforeseen effects it can have on the rest of our lives
  • Cover: Red Joan - Jennie Rooney

    Jennie Rooney

    Red Joan

    2014, pp. 390, $ 18.00
    Region: Britain
    Inspired by the true story of Melita Norwood, unmasked in 1999 (at 87), as the KGB’s longest-serving British spy
  • Cover: The Stories of Jane Gardam - Jane Gardam

    Jane Gardam

    The Stories of Jane Gardam

    2014, pp. 336, $ 26.95
    Region: Britain
    This definitive collection, which brings together the best short works from throughout her remarkable career, showcases Gardam’s versatility and imagination as well as her richly developed sense of observation.
  • Cover: Time Present and Time Past - Deirdre Madden

    Deirdre Madden

    Time Present and Time Past

    2014, pp. 196, $ 16.00
    Region: Britain
    Spurred by a fascination for early photography, Fintan ponders the nature of time and memory in this thoughtful and beguiling novel

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