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  • Jane Gardam

    Crusoe's Daughter

    2012, pp. 224, $ 9.99
    Region: Britain
    Crusoe’s Daughter is Jane Gardam’s favorite among her novels, in part because it draws upon her own background. Like Polly Flint, Gardam’s mother was the daughter of a sea captain and grew up with a voracious love of language but no formal education.
  • Thad Ziolkowski


    2012, pp. 256, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    "Flat out intelligence, lucid prose, and a stunning sense of American tragedy, make Thad Ziolkowski's WICHITA a wild ride of a read and the perfect storm of a book."--Alice Sebold
  • Seth Greenland

    The Angry Buddhist

    2012, pp. 400, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    This is the perfect combination of people and place for Seth Greenland, one of America’s finest satirists. The Angry Buddhist swirls together the character-derived humor of an Elmore Leonard tale with the clear-eyed suspense of a James M. Cain noir. It convincingly explores mendacity in its many modern...
  • Diego De Silva

    I Hadn't Understood

    2012, pp. 368, $ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    Vincenzo Malinconico has a chance to make a fresh start. The Italian Mob is willing to help.
  • Audrey Schulman

    Three Weeks in December

    2012, pp. 352, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    Evoking both Barbara Kingsolver and Andrea Barrett, this enthralling fiction, wise and generous, explores some of the crucial social and cultural challenges that, over the years, have come to shape our world.
  • Steve Erickson

    These Dreams of You

    2012, pp. 320, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    "Erickson expertly weaves together themes of music, politics, and idealism in a modern story where preconceptions are outdated."—Publishers Weekly
  • Simonetta Agnello Hornby

    The Nun

    2012, pp. 288, $ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    A Mediterranean sister to the heroines of Jane Austen and Emily Brontë, Agnello Hornby’s Agata, the Nun of the book's title, fully inhabits her own time yet embodies strength of will and a spiritual fortitude that is timeless.
  • Sara Levine

    Treasure Island!!!

    2012, pp. 176, $ 9.99
    Region: United States
    Book collection: Tonga
    “What an awesome book.”—David Wain “Had Grace Paley spent her youth hanging out with Larry David, listening to the Ramones, and reading Stanley Elkin, she’d have probably written something like Treasure Island!!!" —Adam Levin, author of The Instructions
  • Caryl Férey


    2011, pp. 416, $ 9.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    Winner of the Sang d’Encre, Michael Lebrun, and SNCF Crime Fiction Prizes.
  • Paolo Sorrentino

    Everybody's Right

    2011, pp. 240, $ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    The story of a nightclub crooner-philosopher by one of Italy’s most acclaimed filmmakers.

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