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Domenico Starnone

Domenico Starnone

Domenico Starnone is an Italian writer, screenwriter and journalist. He was born in Naples and lives in Rome. He is the author of thirteen works of fiction, including First Execution (Europa, 2009), Via Gemito, winner of Italy's most prestigious literary prize, the Strega.

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Join prize-winning authors Jhumpa Lahiri and Domenico Starnone as they tour the East Coast to celebrate the release of TIES.
"This novel is playing a very sophisticated game and the reader will quickly understand that we are in the hands of a very, very intelligent writer."
Whether you’re traveling to exotic locales this summer or in the mood for some deck-chair travel, you can find the perfect novel with which to while away the long summer days below.

Latest reviews

  • “Starnone’s novella, translated by Jhumpa Lahiri, seizes you and doesn’t let go for 150 pages. The tone is cool and contained. Hysteria threatens, and is kept away — although only just.”
    — The Times, Mar 18 2018
  • “A sharp observation of two unlikely rivals matching wits and a trenchant analysis of aging, family and art, this deliciously addictive novel is a treat to read.”
    — BookRiot, Jan 8 2018
  • “poignant [and] achingly observed.”
    — Entertainment Weekly, Dec 26 2017
  • “Domenico Starnone’s TIES is a 144-page novel punching three times that weight. From three viewpoints, it dissects a marriage that has survived more than 50 years, despite infidelities. An outstanding achievement...”
    — The Sunday Times, Nov 27 2017
  • "[A] powerful novel about a fraying marriage."
    — The New York Times, Nov 22 2017
  • “[a] slim, stunning meditation on marriage, fidelity, honesty, and truth.”
    — Kirkus, Nov 14 2017
  • “Ties is an extraordinary novel. Most striking is that Ties reveals that beneath our manufactured roles of husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and of children, we are all human, deeply flawed and often with irrepressible desires and drives.”
    — World Literature Today, Aug 25 2017
  • “That’s where Ties really excels [...] the power is in its exploration of intimacy—all the trust, the fear, the hope—when it’s under siege, when those closest to us have the ability to cause us the most pain, and they’re doing it.”
    — The Mookse and the Gripes, Aug 8 2017
  • “Starnone captures and dissects a vast array of concerns in a slim volume, neatly structured and tightly plotted, yet at the same time open-ended, without definitive answers or solutions."
    — Asymptote Journal, Jul 18 2017
  • “Starnone renders narrative time telescopically as well as microscopically, so that fleeting moments expand and entire decades contract within the same paragraph."
    — Public Books, Jul 14 2017
  • "An emotionally affecting work, "Ties” explores what binds people together and what forces them apart."
    — The New York Times, Jun 1 2017
  • “A tight tale of domestic carnage.”
    — The Times Literary Supplement, Apr 19 2017
  • “Starnone’s engrossing and masterful story of the Minori family, told from a trifecta of perspectives […] is almost too impeccable a work. Shaped and polished as meticulously as an Etruscan urn, no portion, no narrative ligament, no single word feels out of place.”
    — The Millions, Mar 29 2017
  • “[T]he story glints and cuts like smashed crystal.”
    — The Guardian, Mar 26 2017
  • “Ties is a masterful study of passing time.”
    — National Post (Canada), Mar 14 2017
  • “A brilliant novel.”
    — The Hindu, Mar 12 2017
  • “Ties is puzzle-like, architectural, a novel ingeniously constructed.”
    — The New Yorker, Mar 11 2017
  • “TIES is...the leanest, most understated and emotionally powerful novel by Domenico Starnone.”
    — New York Times Book Review, Mar 9 2017
  • “TIES is a fascinating read.”
    — The Week, Mar 7 2017
  • “A complex and devastating dissection of a relationship, superbly teased apart and considered from all possible viewpoints.”
    — The Times, Mar 5 2017


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