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Michele Zackheim

Michele Zackheim

Michele Zackheim worked as a visual artist before turning to writing. She has shown in numerous museums and galleries. She is also the author of Einstein’s Daughter, nonfiction, and Violette’s Embrace. She lives with her husband in New York.

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From the Daily News: And a little further down the road, Redgrave lends her stately cadences to a free reading of Michele Zackheim’s novel, “Last Train to Paris.” The acclaimed...
Actress Vanessa Redgrave will read aloud select excerpts of The Last Train to Paris by Michele Zackheim. The performance will be accompanied by live music from jazzmaster Jimmy Owens. Following her performance...

Latest reviews

  • The PEN Ten is PEN America's biweekly interview series curated by Lauren Cerand. This week Lauren talks to Michele Zackheim, whose work as a visual artist was widely exhibited before her turn towards the written word. Vanessa Redgrave will read from and discuss Zackheim's fourth...
    — Jun 16 2014
  • Michele Zackheim talks to Andrea Mitchell about her novel, Last Train to Paris, detailing the courage of an intrepid female journalist during World War II. To see the full interview, click the link:
    — Jun 7 2014
  • Michele Zackheim's most recent book is the novel Last Train to Paris. She has written two other novels, Violette's Embrace and Broken Colors, and a work of nonfiction, Einstein's Daughter. She also is a visual artist, and she teaches creative writing from a visual perspective...
    — May 23 2014
  • In hindsight, we know that no sane person, Jewish or otherwise, would try to ride it out in pre-war Paris and Berlin. But that’s why hindsight is 20-20. American journalist Rose Manon, who writes as R.B. Manon, lives in Paris and then Berlin as Hitler is rising to power.
    — May 6 2014
  • Yet another book on the Holocaust, but a very original one. The intriguingly titled work is the diary of Otto J Steine, a former music critic who lies dying in a sanatorium in Salzberg in 1939 when the Nazis are at the height of their power and are gathering in the city to hi-jack...
    — Feb 24 2014
  • Michele Zackheim’s latest novel, Last Train to Paris (Europa Editions), began as a research project on a distant relative of the author’s who was kidnapped in Paris by a German citizen in 1937. But at some point, imagination took over and project became a sweeping historical...
    — Jan 30 2014
  • An excellent weaving of historical fact into fiction, written with stark frankness. The novel will tell you more than you may already know about the perilous political and social situation of the Jews in France and Germany even before the war, of some who might have survived...
    — Jan 28 2014
  • Loosely based on the real-life kidnapping of the author's distant relative, Zackheim's latest novel is set in 1937 in Paris on the brink of WWII. Rather than focus on the victim of the crime, the story centers on her cousin, Rose Manon. Rose is a serious young woman who escapes...
    — Jan 20 2014
  • “Last Train to Paris” takes place on the eve of the Second World War and follows Rose, a half-Jewish American reporter in Paris who is forced to grapple with her hidden identity as a Jew. The sole woman in the newsroom, Rose faces both sexism and anti-Semitism. Then she meets...
    — Jan 10 2014
  • Michele Zackheim talks about her novel The Last Train to Paris, set in 1935. It tells the story of Rose Manon, an American journalist who becomes a foreign correspondent in Paris. She becomes entangled in romance, an unsolved murder, and the desperation of a looming war.
    — Jan 9 2014
  • In Michele Zackheim's The Last Train to Paris, an oddly personal and touching novel of a half-Jewish woman learning to be herself in a world gone mad with hate, an 87-year-old woman tending her garden in upstate New York decides to go through her newsroom notes from the 1930s,...
    — Dec 12 2013
  • More than 50 years after the events recounted, a reporter reminisces about her life in Europe prior to the outbreak of World War II. Although, or perhaps because, she was born and raised in Nevada, Rosie Manon craved another kind of life—more adventurous and meaningful...
    — Nov 13 2013
  • From the day she is born, Sophie Marks’ life is marked by one tragedy after another. Her parents die when she’s an infant, leaving her in the care of her elderly grandparents. As a college student, Sophie falls in love for the first time, only to be abandoned by her lover...
    — Sep 19 2007
  • The author of Einstein’s Daughter and Violette’s Embrace, Zackheim delivers the epic life of a woman whose art and survival become ever more tightly bound with passing years. With her firebrand parents dead at the close of WWI, Sophie Marks lives out a protracted childhood...
    — Jul 24 2007

United States

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