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Broklyn Daily Eagle: "Last Train to Paris is a carefully researched historical novel that reads like a suspense thriller."

Date: Jan 10 2014

“Last Train to Paris” takes place on the eve of the Second World War and follows Rose, a half-Jewish American reporter in Paris who is forced to grapple with her hidden identity as a Jew. The sole woman in the newsroom, Rose faces both sexism and anti-Semitism. Then she meets Leon, a German-Jewish radical and anti-Nazi, and realizes that while Paris is interesting, the truly vital historical story is taking place across the border.

Rose undertakes an assignment in the Berlin press office, where she is initially happy and in love until Kristallnacht and the growing threat of Nazism.

When World War II is declared, Americans are forced to leave the country and Rose must make an agonizing choice: Who will go with her on the last train to Paris?

“Last Train to Paris” is a carefully researched historical novel that reads like a suspense thriller.

Zackheim tells the story from the vantage point of Rose as an elderly woman. The novel is at once a historical epic, a love story and a psychological portrait of one woman's gradual discovery of who she really is after years of being invisible to herself.

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