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Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante is the author of The Days of Abandonment (Europa, 2005), Troubling Love (Europa, 2006), and The Lost Daughter (Europa, 2008), now a film directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal and starring Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, and Jessie Buckley. She is also the author of Incidental Inventions (Europa, 2019), illustrated by Andrea Ucini; Frantumaglia: A Writer’s Journey (Europa, 2016); and a children’s picture book illustrated by Mara Cerri, The Beach at Night (Europa, 2016). The four volumes known as the “Neapolitan novels” (My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, and The Story of the Lost Child) were published by Europa Editions in English between 2012 and 2015. My Brilliant Friend, the HBO series directed by Saverio Costanzo, premiered in 2018 and is in its third season. Ferrante’s most recent novel is the instant New York Times bestseller, The Lying Life of Adults (Europa, 2020).

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Elena Ferrante, author of the highly-acclaimed Neapolitan series, is writing a weekly column for The Guardian newspaper’s weekend magazine, to be translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein.
In discussing Alice Sebold’s new book, which is fascinating and brilliantly original, I’ll try to reveal only what Helen Knightly herself, the first-person narrator, says in the first line...
If you are looking for uplifting bromides about the intimate mother-daughter bond, do not look to Elena Ferrante's novels. This superb and scary...
In this brutally frank novel of maternal ambivalence, the narrator, a forty-seven-year-old divorcée summering alone on the Ionian coast, becomes obsessed with a beautiful young mother who seems...

Latest reviews

  • Frantumaglia might well be her most fascinating text: it is both fiction incarnate and a work of self-exegesis.”
    — Public Books, Sep 24 2021
  • “We get to know Giovanna by watching her juggle multiple versions of her life rather than by reading one clear interpretation of it. And this, too, is how we should hope to know Ferrante.”
    — Cleveland Review of Books, Sep 14 2021
  • “This is Elena Ferrante, the author of the brilliant Neapolitan quartet, who has already shown us penetrating insights into the adolescent mind [ . . ] It’s a gritty novel.”
    — The Sunday Times (ANZ), Mar 10 2021
  • “Three hundred pages of quick and honest prose...This novel — it bends every rule on the sheet.”
    — Scroll.In, Nov 28 2020
  • “Ferrante’s page-turner talent for suspenseful storytelling and vigorously peopled scenes is on peak form as the adolescent Giovanna seeks out the aunt and she has never met.”
    — The Times UK, Nov 27 2020
  • “Raw, intense, delightful, refreshing.”
    — Word by word, Nov 25 2020
  • The Lying Life of Adults has an uncomfortable intensity, a tension which is never released, holding the reader in thrall.”
    — The Millstone, Nov 2 2020
  • “A masterpiece...This is the novel at its best: a deep and beautiful exploration of the twists and turns of communication and perception. And an unsentimental portrait of the psychological horrors of adolescence.”
    — Glam Adelaide, Oct 27 2020
  • “As at-home life rolls on and we enter winter, this transportive new book is a must read.”
    — Condé Nast Traveller, Oct 12 2020
  • “Nowhere else, as much as in The Lying Life of Adults, do we see Ferrante’s splendidly harsh laws of physics so clearly laid out.”
    — Los Angeles Review of Books, Oct 12 2020
  • “In this glorious story about the liminal space between childhood and adulthood, international treasure Ferrante shows us two very different sides of Naples, and the people who live there. It's a study of the meaning of refinement, beauty and what truth even means.”
    — Good Housekeeping, Oct 7 2020
  • The Lying Life of Adults is desultory and meandering at times, but in this way, it mirrors the structure of the coming-of-age journey it tracks.”
    — The Seattle Times, Sep 23 2020
  • “It’s a bit like dipping into someone’s diary, only brilliantly written. / In true Ferrante style, the sentences manage to be blunt and poetic at the same time.”
    — Socialist Worker, Sep 21 2020
  • “This is a novel as intense and ferocious as it is gentle and poignant. Ferrante’s prose is lovely and frank, and her characters are nuanced and real.”
    — The Book Reporter, Sep 18 2020
  • “There is an undeniable pleasure in experiencing the world through Ferrante’s lens.”
    — The Winnipeg Free Press, Sep 12 2020
  • “Those who have loved the Neapolitan Quartet will find this novel a good counterpart with its emphasis on psychological development, the inner thoughts and quandaries of its main character(s), and the constant reliving of the past and its mistakes.”
    — Seeing the World Through Books, Sep 11 2020
  • The Lying Life of Adults is recognizably a portrait of the artist as a young woman. She has the storyteller’s power: she can tell lies that enchant and delight, rather than harm. As can Ferrante, of course.”
    — The National Book Review, Sep 10 2020
  • “Elena Ferrante’s first novel since the Neapolitan quartet masterfully evokes adolescence.”
    — The Irish Times, Sep 9 2020
  • “Ferrante renders teenage insecurities with skill and unflinching honesty.”
    — The Daily Trojan, Sep 9 2020
  • The Lying Life of Adults is an exploration of the effects of paternal and patriarchal legacies on the formation of Giovanna’s identity.”
    — Public Books, Sep 9 2020


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