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Tom Wright

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Tom Wright

What Dies in Summer, Tom Wright's debut novel, was a New York Times Editor's Pick and a finalist for the Crime Writer's Association Dagger Awards. A Texas native, Wright is a licensed and practicing psychologist in Texarkana, Texas.

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  • Tom Wright is a licensed, practicing psychologist in Texas. Blackbird is his second crime novel, his first, 2012's What Dies in Summer having received accolades from both New York Times and the Crime Writer's Association. With Blackbird, Wright paints a picture of a small town...
    — Jul 27 2015
  • Blackbird by Tom Wright (Europa/World Noir) - Set in the tristate area of Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, Wright’s expertly crafted second novel updates the careers of Jim Bonham and Jim’s only cousin, Lee Ann Rowe, who were adolescents in Wright’s CWA Dagger Award–finalist...
    — Jun 15 2015
  • BLACKBIRD by Tom Wright, opens with a psychologist being beaten and nailed to a cross on the edge of a southern town. What follows is a bleak yet satisfying mystery in which Detective Jim Bonham unearths the haunting past of the victim, the suspects, and the fraught community...
    — Jun 1 2015
  • Practicing psychological therapist Tom Wright presents an excellent police procedural and first class mystery in Blackbird. Teenager Jim “Biscuit” Bonham, from Mr. Wright’s highly regarded coming-of-age premiere novel, What Dies in Summer, is now a thirty-something...
    — Jun 1 2015
  • Psychologist Wright’s stunning debut, What Dies in Summer (2012), was no fluke. This follow-up brings back cousins Jim Bonham and Lee Ann Rowe, who share the gift of second sight. She’s now a psychologist, and he’s a lieutenant in the Traverton police department on the...
    — May 1 2015
  • In Wright’s second novel (What Dies in Summer, 2012), Texarkana Police Detective Lt. Jim Bonham investigates the death of psychologist Deborah Gold, found mutilated and crucified. Gold was an easy person to want dead, with an ugly reputation for hosting a kinky BDSM...
    — Apr 9 2015

United States

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