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Booklist Starred Review: "Psychologist Wright’s stunning debut, What Dies in Summer (2012), was no fluke."

Date: May 1 2015

Psychologist Wright’s stunning debut, What Dies in Summer (2012), was no fluke. This follow-up brings back cousins Jim Bonham and Lee Ann Rowe, who share the gift of second sight. She’s now a psychologist, and he’s a lieutenant in the Traverton police department on the Texas-Arkansas-Louisiana border. Bonham is still struggling with traumas from high school and his profession and is now living apart from his wife and two daughters. When psychologist Deborah Gold is mutilated and crucified, a brutal crime that attracts wide media attention, Bonham heads the investigation and seeks Rowe’s help. As he staves off depression while dealing with another related murder and pressure from the city manager, he experiences momentary instances of sight that take him back to the disappearance of his high-school girlfriend. Meanwhile, the investigation into the victim’s life turns up too many people with potential motives, and the limited forensic evidence is puzzling. Wright portrays events vividly, from Bonham’s high-school football exploits to his welding skills, as he deftly uncovers the long-buried secrets of these fully developed characters. Best of all, this has all the markings of a continuing series—good news for fans of gripping crime fiction with a paranormal twist.

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