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Marc Levy

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Marc Levy

Marc Levy’s novels have sold over thirty million copies and been translated into over 40 languages, making him today’s most widely read French author. His English language debut, If Only It Were True, sold almost half a million copies and was made into a film starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Levy lives in New York’s West Village with his wife and son.

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Latest reviews

  • 14 years ago Marc Levy visited the Book Nook to talk about his novel "If Only It Were True." That book became an international best-seller. In 2005 this story was adapted and released as the Hollywood film "Just Like Heaven." Levy is French and he's very popular in his native...
    — Aug 3 2014
  • Replay opens on the morning of July 9, 2012: New York Times investigative reporter Andrew Stilman is jogging along the Hudson River when he feels a sudden, sharp pain in his lower back. He collapses in a pool of blood. When he regains consciousness, it’s May 7, 2012—exactly...
    — Jul 15 2014
  • An existential thriller, translated from the French, about a New York Times reporter with one hell of a deadline. This is the 13th novel by the wildly popular Levy (If Only It Were True, 2000, etc.). While it’s less syrupy than his previous books, discerning...
    — May 7 2014
  • A riveting paranormal premise propels this thriller from French author Levy (If Only It Were True). Andrew Stilman, a New York Times reporter, awakens two months before someone fatally stabs him while jogging along the Hudson, determined to find and stop his killer. Suspects...
    — Apr 7 2014


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