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Listen to Book Nook's Interview with Marc Lecy

Date: Aug 3 2014

14 years ago Marc Levy visited the Book Nook to talk about his novel "If Only It Were True." That book became an international best-seller. In 2005 this story was adapted and released as the Hollywood film "Just Like Heaven." Levy is French and he's very popular in his native land. He's also rather productive. During the 14 years since his last appearance on the program he has written and published 14 more novels.

The latest one to be translated into English is called "Replay." At one time or another most of us have wished that we could relive or replay some parts of our lives. Have a do over, do it right on the second try. But these wishes are merely fantasies, right? Fortunately we have clever writers like Marc Levy who can take that premise and whip it into a fascinating piece of fiction. His protagonist in "Replay" is an investigative reporter for the New York Times named Andrew Stilman.

The story begins with a murder. His. One early morning Andrew Stilman is out jogging when somebody comes up behind him and stabs him to death. But instead of dying Andrew regains consciousness and finds that he's now several blocks away, there's no indication he has been stabbed, and miraculously he has gone back in time a couple of months. He knows what he did before when he lived through that time and he had made a total mess out of things, his marriage, his job, and now he had been killed! But he has this one chance to fix some of the things he had screwed up before. Or, maybe not. That's all I'm saying. No spoilers here. Listen to the interview here. Levy has a lovely French accent. And this is a wonderful book.

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