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Library Journal: "Compulsively entertaining"

Date: May 10 2011

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Sutton, Henry. Get Me Out of Here. Penguin. Jun. 2011. c.304p. ISBN 9781609450076. pap. $15. F

Like many a paranoid psychopath, Matt Freeman has succeeded until now in ingratiating himself with a few close friends and has maintained a relatively upscale lifestyle. But things are not going Matt’s way of late, and the more things fall apart, the more Matt’s behavior turns from mad to murderous. As the quintessential un­reliable narrator, Matt has a skewed view of events that makes it difficult to discern fact from fiction. His plan to leave England for some unspecified business deal in North Korea keeps getting roadblocked by his lack of finances and the refusal of support from his long-suffering friends and family.


­VERDICT A lying, cheating, obsessive, delusional schemer, Matt is also compulsively entertaining, and his story is as riveting as it is creepy. All that remains is for the reader to puzzle out exactly what bad things Matt has done and how he is getting away with it. Recommended for all but the faintest of heart.—Barbara Love, Kingston Frontenac P.L., Kingston, Ont.

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