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Confessions of a Bookaholic: "I had a feeling when I was reading it that it was classic."

Date: Aug 30 2010

Wow.  I seriously loved this book.  It's hard for me to explain what I loved about this book, but I had a feeling when I was reading it that it was classic.  It was just good writing and a good story, you can't go wrong with that.


I loved Van and Francesca's passion for good literature.  Each time they spoke of an author I had this urge to find an awesome bookstore like this one and find some great novels to read.  I didn't read this book in one sitting or even one day.  Instead, I took this book with me and only read it when I knew I would be able to cherish several chapters at once.  Each moment I had with this book was special (I'm so lame, right?).  I just felt that I couldn't get deep enough into the book.


Can I take a moment hear to rave about Europa editions?  I've read two EE books so far, this one and Broken Glass Park and I've thoroughly enjoyed each one.  Better yet, I felt compelled to share both of these books with others because to me, they were special stories.  I've looked through their catalog and have found about 10 other books I want, and I even bought one (darn my New Year's book-ban!)  January 1 cannot get here fast enough so I can start buying books again!  Also the covers are to die for.  I cannot even handle the gorgeousness of each cover.  Okay - enough gushing!  Read this book, it's fabulous!


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