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Reviews by Teri: "An exceptional novel that literally haunts your thoughts afterwards."

Date: Jun 13 2010

Sascha is not your normal teenager. Having been born in Russia but now living in Berlin, Germany required learning a new language, culture, and trying to assimilate into the everyday life. Sascha is additional blessed, or cursed, with an exceptional intelligence that separates her from others. Another issue for the immigrants is the poverty that they experienced while living in the Russian Ghetto in Berlin is quite similar to life in the inner cities in this country.

When her stepfather murders her mother, Sascha is horrified by the crime, the loss, and the fear of also losing her half-brother and half-sister to social workers. Fortunately, her step-father’s cousin, Maria, comes to take over the position of parenting. Unfortunately, Sascha is too intelligent, detached, and obsessed with killing her step-father to allow anyone to have any influence over her.

Feeling frustrated about a news story regarding how her step-father is changing and has regrets, Sascha approaches the news’ source. Volker Trebur is an editor who had met Sascha’s mother and wants to help. Volker invites her to spend the night and Sascha quickly enjoys the advantages and wealth that she had never experienced before. Added to Volker is also his teenaged -son who is magnetically attracked to her.

BROKEN GLASS PARK is an excellent photograph into the life of this brilliant teen who wants to cared for and valued. Sascha’s knack for survival and always landing on her feet makes her a wonderful, but realistic heroine. Her courage in living everyday life is the hope and the encouragement which is the motivation for the novel. The characterization is outstanding and the pacing is fast.

My only complaint is that the author uses a pen-name. With such a wonderful debut novel, why hide? I definitely want to read more by this author, whoever they may be.
With any book that is translated, there needs to be consideration about the original story and the skills of the translator. BROKEN GLASS PARK is an exceptional novel that literally haunts your thoughts afterwards.

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