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Booklist: "A masterfully written exploration of growing up and moving on. "

Date: Jun 1 2010

Trevor has two major defining characteristics, the first, which people notice right off the bat, is his huge hands. The second is his Irish accent, heard in full flower when he spouts various long-winded theories about the human condition. Both attributes come in handy when he takes a job caring for a wheelchair-bound boy with muscular dystrophy—a rich kid on New York’s Upper East Side who loves British “prog-rock.” Trevor has a rare talent for saying exactly the right thing at the right time, even (or especially) if it’s a lie. It often helps to apply this skill when telling stories to a dying teenager, but the true-or-false issue makes Trevor a rather unreliable narrator, forcing readers to parse the true morsels of Trevor’s’ life from the often-hilarious embellishments.The struggle to connect past with present, and the parallels of loneliness and regret in the lives of the Irishman and his young employer are some of the more compelling components of this masterfully written exploration of growing up and moving on.
By Courtney Jones

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