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Date: Sep 6 2008

"Thoughtful, ironic, and often darkly humorous, the novel creates moods which bring the characters vividly to life, even as they are contemplating death and the deepest of life's mysteries."—Mary Whipple (Read entire review)

"I know I'll read this again. I envy you the chance to read it for the first time. Five stars are not enough."—Sharon Isch (Read entire review)

"The Elegance of the Hedgehog is, itself, an elegant look at life -- in particular, the inner-life of human beings, and the frequent disconnect between that inner-life and the public face we share with the world.—Heather D. Gallay (Read entire review)

"There are twists, turns, and surprises, it's really a perfectly sketched and colored slice of life."—S. Fishburn (Read entire review)

"'The Elegance of the Hedgehog' transcends excellence. It is one of those rare books with a special inner quality that makes you ponder over life in a way only very few others can."—I Love Books (Read entire review)

"This is a deep book. I needed to keep the dictionary close so as to get the full meanings of what was being said. It is well worth the effort."—Kindred Spirit (Read entire review)

"This is a beautiful piece of work: erudite, laugh-out-loud humorous and tragic by turns. It can't have been easy for Alison Anderson to capture in English the sophistication of Muriel Barbery's writing, but she's made a fine job of it.—Nigel Seel (Read entire review)

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