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“Hugely satisfying.”

Author: Malcom Forbes
Newspaper, blog or website: Washington Post
Date: Jan 28 2023

“Joseph O’Connor’s latest novel My Father’s House begins with a potent blend of excitement, suspense and intrigue. After making his mark with his grand entrance, O’Connor’s priest goes on to steal many more scenes by showing not just the courage of his convictions but also courage under fire. The result is a gripping World War II-set drama featuring the unlikeliest of heroes, one whom the reader roots for every step of the way...  For a while, the book feels like an ensemble piece. However, O’Flaherty (or as May calls him, “Hughdini”) emerges as the star of the show... It is hard not to be captivated by his presence throughout this hugely satisfying book, from its explosive opening to its bittersweet end.”

Read the full review in the Washington Post.

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