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“A clever commentary on the ironies of history.”

Newspaper, blog or website: The New York Times Book Review
Date: Apr 20 2021

“Ben Hopkins’s novel has the look of an old-fashioned doorstop of a saga. But when you immerse yourself in the shifting perspectives of Cathedral, what you also discover is a clever (even postmodern?) commentary on the ironies of history. As he traces the fates of a lively scrum of characters, Hopkins shows how the seemingly firm hierarchies of one era can be grounded in the social strife — and sometimes sheer luck — of those that came before. In this nimble mesh of stories, a trading empire can have its roots in something as simple as the theft of a wig. And forbidden love can lead to a lonely death or to the birth, many years onward, of a whole new community.”

Read the full review in The New York Times Book Review.

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