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Translation Spotlight

Author: Mark Haber
Newspaper, blog or website: Brazos Bookstore
Date: Mar 15 2016

"Of the many books I remember buying from my days as a Brazos customer, the one that distinctly stands out is Santiago Gamboa’s NECROPOLIS. Gamboa was a new name for me at the time, but I instantly relished the wisdom of my purchase. NECROPOLIS wasn’t a book that I liked; it was a book that I loved. Organized like a Russian nesting doll, the many stories contained inside the novel—which all take place inside a hotel in Jerusalem—were smart, worldly, and written with a narrative verve characteristic of Roberto Bolaño (think 2666 with a lot less murder). NECROPOLIS blew me away, and I waited impatiently for his next book to be translated.

Now Europa Editions has published NIGHT PRAYERS, Gamboa’s second novel in English, and it’s a triumph..."

Read the whole review on the Brazos Bookstore website.

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