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"Gamboa’s wide-ranging plot lines keep the reader moving at a rapid pace"

Author: Mary Whipple
Newspaper, blog or website: Seeing the World Through Books
Date: Mar 7 2016

"Recognized as one of the most exciting young novelists in Latin America, Santiago Gamboa of Colombia has written a novel which defies easy labeling. Filled with non-stop action and much like a thriller in its ability to generate and maintain suspense, it is also a sociological illustration of crime on a grand scale, a study of institutionalized corruption and violence in more than one country, a look at the interactions of one middle class Colombian family trapped in the complex social milieu of Bogota, an unusual love story of a brother and his nurturing sister who depend on each other for love, and ultimately, a story of innocence and overwhelming guilt, as felt by more than one character.[...] Gamboa’s wide-ranging plot lines keep the reader moving at a rapid pace, hopping from country to country – from Colombia and Thailand to India, Japan, and Iran, and back.”

Read the full review on Seeing the World Through Books.

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