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Shots Magazine: "finely written and immaculately translated."

Author: Mike Ripley
Newspaper, blog or website: Shots Magazine
Date: Nov 3 2015

The Bottom of Your Heart, sub-titled Inferno for Commissario Ricciardi, is the seventh in De Maurizio’s richly-woven series from Europa Editions featuring the sympathetic and haunted (literally) Ricciardi and his wonderfully earthy sidekick Brigadier Maione, struggling to do their jobs – and more importantly do right – in the ants’ nest of Naples whilst coping with crime, ghostly manifestations and Mussolini’s Fascist state. It all makes for a rich, spicy and very nourishing stew, perfect nourishment for the mind and the soul of any warm-blooded reader; finely written and immaculately translated.

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