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Scout Magazine: "Ferrante’s writing is rich, honest and addictive."

Date: Aug 3 2015

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, Europa Editions
Recommended by Clea Young

“What if upon finishing the book you wished would never end, you discovered there was more to the story, that in fact the characters were still alive? Such relief, joy, anticipation. Italian novelist Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend is this book, and it also happens to be the first in her Neapolitan series, a “quasi-feminist bildungsroman” that tracks the intense friendship of Elena and Lila as their paths diverge and converge from girlhood through adulthood. Ferrante’s writing is rich, honest and addictive. Get started now and you’ll be ready when the fourth and final book, The Story of the Lost Child, is released in September. Ferrante fever. It’s a thing. #ferrantefever”

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