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The Midwest Book Review: Klausner calls the novel “an enjoyable thriller” and “an exciting read.”

Date: Jun 29 2015

In London seventeen year old Amy Boxer leaves a taunting note to her separated parents at a police station. The teenager informs them she is running away and that in spite of their respective professions; her mother Detective Inspector Mercy Danquah specializes in kidnappings and her father Charles Boxer is a private sector abduction consultant; she mockingly states "you will never find me."

Though they agree their offspring has thrown down a gauntlet, the kidnapping experts remain concerned over their runaway daughter. Boxer follows clues to Spain while the brass assign Danquah to investigate the abduction of Sasha Bobkov, son of a former FSB operative whose inquiry into the polonium poisoning death of a one-time comrade may be the motive. Meanwhile in Madrid, drug lord El Osito has plans for the young Brit.

The sequel to Capital Punishment is an enjoyable thriller that requires the audience to throw away the plausibility meter starting with the reactions of the parents who treat their runaway as if she is someone else's child and mom working the Sasha case; which detracts from the main plot. Still this is an exciting read due to the hectic searches for Amy and Sasha before time runs out on the two youngsters.

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