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The New York Times, "Mr. Greenland's fourth novel proves affecting and funny."

Date: Feb 25 2015

Jeremy Best is a 33-year-old trusts-and-estates lawyer in New York, on his way to making partner. His staid career choice doesn’t broadcast “courage and a love of danger,” but he has a secret life as a poet, publishing pseudonymously in distinguished literary journals. Jeremy has never had a relationship last “longer than a baseball season,” so he is caught off guard when he meets Spaulding Simonson, an aspiring writer. Attractive and smart, she’s also 19 and the daughter of his boss. Spaulding is bored and depressed, fresh off a suicide attempt; Jeremy regrets every major decision of his life and constantly berates himself for his missteps. They become unlikely friends and fall in love as he receives a devastating medical diagnosis. Despite a premise that seems off-putting, Mr. Greenland’s fourth novel proves affecting and funny.

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