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The Independent: "A haunting, evocative and deeply moving study of grief."

Date: Jan 22 2015

If Johnson's novel examines the secrets kept by a community, Fotini Tsalikoglou's The Secret Sister (trans. Mary Kitroeff, Europa Editions, £8.99) focuses on those nurtured by a single family. Thirty-something American-Greek Jonathan Argyriou is travelling to his family's homeland for the first time. He's making the journey alone, but is weighed down by a heavy burden of "things lost in silence", lies and unhappiness. Tsalikoglou's slender novella packs an unexpectedly impressive punch in every way possible, managing to traverse the breadth of the 20th century, and the depths of the psychology of three generations of one family. The end result is a haunting, evocative and deeply moving study of grief.

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