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Winston's Dad's Blog: "Martinez is a poetic writer [whose writing is similar to] Gabriel Garcia Marquez's."

Date: Jan 29 2014

Carole Martinez is a rising star of historic fiction in France this is her second novel. She is a middle school teacher ,she began writing during maternity leave nine years ago. This her second novel won the Goncourt Lyceens in 2011, previous winners are Phillippe Claude and Andrei Makine. The prize sees twelve books read by 2000 students and they choose the one they like.

In the year 1187, Esclarmonde, damsel of the whisper, resolves to live as an anchoress at Hautepierre, confined until her death to the sealed cell built for her by her father against the walls of the chapel that he erected on his lands in honour of Saint Agnes, who was martyred at the age of thirteen for having accepted no other bridegroom than christ

The castle of whisper is set in 12th century France, a young women, the fifteen year old Esclarmonde is due to marry a rather unworthy Knight that has a wandering eye. She decides to turn her back on this marriage and join the Church much to her fathers dismay and she becomes a mistress of Christ. She chooses to use her dowry for her entry to the church instead of her marriage and builds a stone chapel where she entombed herself in a cell ,the years pass and she can only contact the world via a small gap .She has become a link between the world of now and the dead, her words tell what may happen, the whispers of this place change the outside world. A world gripped in violence and the crusades are taking part .

My father had not yet put in an appearance outside my cell. In the autumn, he had taken a second wife, a young childless widow not much older than myself whom I had often glimpsed since her arrival at the castle. Her name was Douce, and she smiled at me whenever she passed the maple .

What will the new stepmother bring into Esclarmonde life ?

I have struggle with historic fiction in the past, I must have been the only person not too enjoy wolf hall, so it was with nerves I decided to read this as it was another book set in the middle ages. But was surprised to find I liked it. Martinez is a poetic writer, she shows the transformation of the young girl to a woman in the walls of a church. I enjoyed the series on the TV in the eighties Robin Hood, which like this novel drifts at times into the world of mysticism, Esclarmonde and her castle of whispers are a French take on the same themes touched in the TV series, people tended to believe in the other world, worlds more than they do now. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is mentioned on the back cover from a review, I agree she has the same way of making the extraordinary seem less so the world isn’t so surreal as Marquez does in his books. The castle of whispers is about the power of men and women to battle the world in different ways one with love the other with violence. How faith can make people change and grow.

Do you have a favourite historic writer ?

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