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Newsletter Selects The Crocodile as one of the Top Ten International Mysteries of 2013

Date: Jan 13 2014

It’s been a stellar year for crime fiction fans, especially given the impressive range of mysteries translated into English. Skilled storytellers including Maurizio de Giovanni, Fuminori Nakamura, Denise Mina and Colin Cotterill deliver not only solidly good mysteries, but also offer fresh perspectives on place. These international writers serve as literary and cultural ambassadors introducing readers to distinct regions of the world --- from the shadowy alleys of Naples and snowy Ukrainian farms to the quiet suburbs of Tel Aviv and haunted waters of the Mekong River. The world of international mysteries is inviting, scary, thrilling and fun. In this special year-end feature, contributor Miriam Tuliao, the Assistant Director of Central Collection Development at BookOps, brings you 10 of her top favorites from 2013.

The Crocodile:

After being banished to Naples, a bewildered and depressed Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono, formerly of the Agrigento major case squad, finds solace downing nightly glasses of red wine. The sad situation changes when Lojacono is assigned to a chilling series of murders. Noir fans take notice: If “death is a dance,” then THE CROCODILE is a dance choreographed by a first-rate artist.

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