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World Literature Today: Gourmet Rhapsody chosen as #1 Literary Food for Thought

Date: Dec 2 2013

People often say food is good for the soul, not just the stomach. Well, literature is a lot like food—it comforts the soul in ways nothing else can. A good book takes you to a place, a time, you have never experienced before. You become friends with the characters; you interact with them; you understand them, and, to an extent, they understand you. Much like food, you need a constant stream of literature to feed you the knowledge you may not otherwise gain.

Below are four novels in which food plays a leading role. Enjoy!

1. Gourmet Rhapsody by Muriel Barbery, translated by Alison Anderson. Pierre Athens is an esteemed food critic, and he’s dying. This tale follows Athens’s memories as a food critic while he searches for one last taste of something divine.

-Kyle Margerum

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