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The Library Journal: "Another quality noir thriller from Europa."

Date: Nov 22 2013

An unknown killer assassinates three young people in Naples. There is no apparent connection among them, but at the site of each murder a paper tissue is found with the murderer’s tears on it. The newspapers dub the unknown killer “the Crocodile” because he sheds false tears over his victim and, like the beast, waits silently for his victim to appear before he pounces. The man assigned to catch him, Insp. Giuseppe Lojacono, is a disgraced detective. Wrongfully accused of collusion with the Mafia, he has lost his career and his family. The papers suspect that these are mob killings, but Lojacono thinks otherwise. This is his chance to redeem himself. VERDICT: Another quality noir thriller from Europa.

-David Keymer

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