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Pulp Den: "a wonderful read, and kept my interest to the last page."

Date: Oct 16 2013

It’s 1931 Naples, Italy, and the Duchess of Musso di Camparino has been murdered. Commissario Ricciardi and his partner, Brigadier Maione are assigned the investigation. Since the crime involves the rich and powerful, the investigators are warned to proceed cautiously. But immediately, the two prime suspects appear to be the Duke’s son, and an important newspaper official.

The author spins a charming tale about interesting characters caught up in the volatile period of the early 1930s, amongst the rising Fascists movements, and political intrigues. Ricciardi, a wealthy landowner who prefers to spend his time investigating brutal murders as a police detective also has another peculiarity, he is cursed with second sight. He sees the body of the murdered victim long after the deed has been done, and hears the residual of their last thoughts. These thought never identify the killer, but do leave fascinating clues for him to follow up on.

We also follow Ricciardi’s and the Brigadier’s personal lives as they struggle with family and loves, and their everyday burdens. The author’s writing fascinates, and pulls the reader along with the investigative procedures, while tempting us with the thoughts of others connected with the case. I thought I had the mystery figured out from the start, and by the end it looked like I was correct, but then the final twist completely surprised me. This was a wonderful read, and kept my interest to the last page.

-Tom Johnson

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