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Pulp Den: "...a fast-paced page-turner."

Date: Sep 8 2013

Danny Callaghan has only been out of prison for a few months, when one evening in a bar two men enter with guns. At first Danny thinks they are after him, then an ex con he knew in stir begs him for help, and he interrupts the gunmen, allowing their target to escape. He doesn’t realize what he’s done. Now Danny’s is in their sights.

The Irish underworld controls Ireland in a grip of death, and when two king pins think about overthrowing each other, people begin dying. When one man, even an ex con like Danny, stands up to stop a hit, it’s a minor annoyance but one that’s easily overcome. That is, unless things go drastically wrong with the plans. The author follows each of the main characters, and we see into the minds of men with evil hearts as well as good. In truth, the killers think they are the heroes, and the authority and those that interfere with them are the evil ones. One minute they order the torture and death of the innocent, the next they pray to God that He guides their plans to completion. Perhaps in the end, Danny Callaghan is the reluctant hero. This is a fast-paced page-turner. There is never really a mystery, except on who will come out of the battle in the end. For anyone that likes a crime novel, this one will satisfy you.

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