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QX Magazine: "Lovers is a poetic tale unlike anything you'll have read before"

Date: Oct 26 2012

Lovers by Daniel Arsand is a poetic tale unlike anything you’ll have read before.Consisting of one hundred short chapters (some only a few sentences long), and written in the present tense with hardly any reported speech, it comes across, at least in this translation by Howard Curtis, as a fable composed in a trance.The time is 1749 in France and 15-year-old Sébastian Faure falls in love with young nobleman Balthazar de Créon. They begin a relationship even though sodomy is punishable by death. Other characters pop in and out, with unpredictable results all the way to the jaw-dropping ending.Read this if you want to be taken on a magical mystery tour, not if you want a straightforward narrative. Unforgettable.

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