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Bronsky Bookseller Buzz

Alina Bronsky's Broken Glass Park has been exciting booksellers and book clubs leaders during the days leading up to its release this week. We thought we'd share some of the comments we've been receiving from around the country about this great debut novel by one of Europe's hottest literary stars.

"Sascha ranks up there with some of my favorite narrators—she's incredibly independent (somewhat frighteningly so!), but maintains an innocence that makes her story so compelling. I haven't stopped thinking about her—trying to figure her out—since finishing the book, and I'm so glad Europa gave Sascha to the English speaking world. Loved it, love Europa, and look forward to everything else I can read from the press."—Laura Kuechenmeister, Bookworks (Albuquerque)

"Broken Glass Park is a remarkable novel. It's that rare sort of book that captures a very specific experience but makes it universally significant, propelled by a wholly captivating narrator. Seventeen-year-old Sascha Naimain is an infections narrator, who is at times funny and wise, but also startlingly resilient. Her voice is as fresh and authentic as Holden Caulfield's, but while Holden fell into himself, Sascha fights vigorously to grow outside and away from her bleak situation. Her determination is inspiring, even at the novel's most brutal moments. Bronsky has written an incredible, powerful novel, and I hope that it sells like crazy for Europa, who I thank for publishing such a marvelous novel."—Jason Hafer, Wolfgang Books (Phoenixville, PA)

"Europa has done it again! I loved Broken Glass Park."—Janis Frame, Book Buffs Ltd.

"This debut novel, set in modern-day Berlin, is the story of Sascha Naimann, a seventeen-year-old Russian immigrant who is orphaned after her stepfather kills her mother in a fit of jealousy. After her mother’s death, Sascha’s takes on the responsibility of protecting her younger brother and sister and vows to do two things: kill her stepfather and write the story of her mother’s life...Bronsky’s writing is carefully crafted, and absolutely no words are wasted. I enjoyed reading this novel throughout: in the dark spaces where Bronsky explores the effects of violence and loss on a family, in the tender moments between siblings and in the dream-like haze that surrounds Sascha’s developing life. Recently translated by Tim Mohr, I am delighted that this novel is now available to English-speaking audiences. I highly recommend it."—Elena, Bookworks (Albuquerque)

"I loved this deeply moving story that is sad in its details yet exhilarating in its expression and resolution. How is it possible such a lyrical work is created from a story of the 3 children left after their father kills their mother then goes to jail. The teenage Sascha lives without fear as she cares for her siblings, makes an unusual friendship with a father and son and vows to kill Vadim when he is released. What a tough, brilliant heroine who turns anger and resilience into an art form. This is a rich and expressive story that is ultimately triumphant in utterly unique ways.  From first page to last this story had me.—Sheryl Cotleur, Book Passage (Corte Madeira)

"I once lived in Germany, and this book gives voice to an immigrant expereience so startingly vivid that my memory of the country is deepened retroactively. Wonderful voice, wonderful characters, wonderful book."—Sarah McNally, McNally Jackson Books (New York)

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