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Laurence Cossé (3 Listed volumes)

  • Cover: A Novel Bookstore - Laurence Cossé

    Laurence Cossé

    A Novel Bookstore

    2019, pp. 424, $ 18.00
    Region: France
    A Europa classic about love, deceit, Paris, and books!
  • Cover: Bitter Almonds - Laurence Cossé

    Laurence Cossé

    Bitter Almonds

    2013, pp. 176, $ 16.00
    From the author of A Novel Bookstore comes this delightful story about friendship across racial and economic barriers set in contemporary Paris
  • Cover: An Accident in August - Laurence Cossé

    Laurence Cossé

    An Accident in August

    2011, pp. 192, $ 15.00
    Region: France
    From the author of A Novel Bookstore comes further proof of a prodigious and remarkable literary imagination at work.
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