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Amélie Nothomb (7 Listed volumes)

  • Cover: First Blood - Amélie Nothomb

    Amélie Nothomb

    First Blood

    2023, pp. 112, $ 18.00
    Region: France
    A moving fictionalized account of Nothomb’s own father, who died of Covid related symptoms in early 2020, this is the acclaimed author’s most personal and heartfelt novel.
  • Cover: Thirst - Amélie Nothomb

    Amélie Nothomb


    2021, pp. 96, $ 15.00
    Region: France
    In her twenty-eighth novel in as many years, best-selling Belgian novelist and international literary superstar Amélie Nothomb takes on a story for the ages: the life of Jesus. In a first-person voice as wry as it is wise, Nothomb narrates Jesus’s final days, from his trial to his crucifixion...
  • Cover: Strike Your Heart - Amélie Nothomb

    Amélie Nothomb

    Strike Your Heart

    2018, pp. 144, $ 14.00
    Region: France
    “Amélie Nothomb’s twenty-fifth novel is among her very best.” — Télérama Diane is raised by a mother so plagued by jealousy of her own daughter that she is incapable of showing affection to her. Despite this, Diane grows up to become a brilliant young woman who rejects societal...
  • Cover: Pétronille - Amélie Nothomb

    Amélie Nothomb


    2015, pp. 128, $ 15.00
    Region: Belgium
    This is a funny, moving, “exotic” novel about travel, France, Champagne, and, above all, about women’s friendship.
  • Cover: Life Form - Amélie Nothomb

    Amélie Nothomb

    Life Form

    2013, pp. 144, $ 15.00
    Region: Belgium
    A smart, singular, surreal novel about personality and philosophy, trauma and healing, solitude and human connection from one of Europe's most talked about and beloved authors
  • Cover: Hygiene and the Assassin - Amélie Nothomb

    Amélie Nothomb

    Hygiene and the Assassin

    2010, pp. 160, $ 15.00
    Region: Belgium
    “The virtuoso dialogue, the art of the unexpected, and the brilliant repartees distinguish this dazzling novel.”—L’express
  • Cover: Tokyo Fiancée - Amélie Nothomb

    Amélie Nothomb

    Tokyo Fiancée

    2009, pp. 160, $ 15.00
    Region: Belgium
    A quirky, contemporary love story set in Tokyo from one of Europe’s most prolific and widely read novelists.
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