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Wolf Erlbruch

The Big Question

Cover: The Big Question - Wolf Erlbruch

Wolf Erlbruch

The Big Question

2005, pp. 52, Paperback
ISBN: 9781933372037
Translated by: Michael Reynolds
Region: Germany
$ 14.95

The book

Winner of the Bologna Book Fair Ragazzi Award.

This stunningly beautiful illustrated book for children poses the biggest question of them all: Why am I here? A chorus of voices all have their own answer, and their responses help to teach children that we all have a reason for being here on Earth.

The author

Wolf Erlbruch
Wolf Erlbruch (Wuppertal, Germany) has reached a generation of readers with his illustrations and his fables. He is the author of over a twenty-five illustrated books published worldwide, and the recipient of many international prizes. He currently lives in Wuppertal, where he is a professor of illustration at the University.

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