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Salwa Al Neimi

The Proof of the Honey

Cover: The Proof of the Honey - Salwa Al Neimi

Salwa Al Neimi

The Proof of the Honey

2009, pp. 160, e-Book
ISBN: 9781609459741
Translated by: Carol Perkins
Region: Syria
Paper edition Paper edition Paper edition
$ 11.99

The book

“Al Neimi announces the end of a taboo in the Arab world: that of sex!”—Reuters

A Syrian scholar working in Paris is invited to contribute to a conference on the subject of classic erotic literature in Arabic. The invitation provides occasion for her to evoke memories from her own life, to exult in her personal liberty, her lovers, her desires, and to revisit moments of shared intimacy with other women as they discuss life, love, and sexual desire.

Far more than an erotic novel, The Proof of the Honey is a surprising and illuminating voyage into the history of Arabic literature. Borrowing inspiration from The Thousand and One Nights, erudite asides are woven into the fabric of the protagonist’s story and the stories of her lovers. Affirming that “Arabic is the language of sex,” and making desire the source of her own personal liberty, Al Neimi has written a stirring novel about the place afforded sex in modern Arabic society and its relationship to the long, rich tradition of Arabic erotica.

The author

Salwa Al Neimi
Salwa Al Neimi was born in Damascus, Syria. Since the mid-seventies, she has lived in Paris, where she studied Islamic Philosophy and Theatre at the Sorbonne. She has published three volumes of poetry and a collection of short stories.


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